The coastal positions in the occupied Crimea came under fire during the Black Sea Fleet's exercises.

Large-scale drills took place with the participation of more than 20 helicopters and naval aircrafts, according to TASS.

During the exercises the troops worked out the elimination of submarines of an imaginary enemy and firing on coastal positions using unguided rockets.

“As part of the exercises the Be-12 antisubmarine aircrafts and Ka-27PL helicopters carried out the search and destruction of an imaginary enemy’s submarine, as well as performed the tasks to support naval forces during the battle for airborne landing,” a representative of the Black Sea Fleet Vyacheslav Trukhachev reported.

In the area of the Crimean Opuk polygon, Be-12 and AN-26 aircrafts, as well as Ka-27 helicopters held a bombing training. Mi-8 helicopters also carried out firing at coastal targets using unguided missiles.

Russia occupied Crimea in 2014. Ukrainian Parliament recognized February 20, 2014 an official start date of the annexation of the peninsula.

Photo: Internet