February 16, due to monitoring the situation in the administrative border, the Border Service of Ukraine reported the increase in the activity of the Russian Armed Forces, according to the press service of the department.

Berdyansk and Kherson Border guard units recorded aerostat "Lynx" type which carried out video surveillance in the occupied territory of the peninsula, as well as three Russian helicopters flying along the administrative border without crossing it.

In addition, the press service noted that the guards observed some movement of Russian military equipment and personnel close to the administrative border.

Earlier, February 9, the Russian military helicopters Mi-8 was carried out monitoring missions along the administrative border with annexed Crimea.

Following the Russian annexation of the Crimea in 2014, administrative border was formally laid between the mainland of Ukraine and the peninsula, but in fact it is a real border. Its work is carried out at three entry / exit checkpoints "Kalanchak", "Chongar" and "Chaplinka".

Photo: Internet