The United Kingdom and the European Union must unite in the security sphere in order to take a stand against terrorism of the ISIS (Islamic State) group and the attempts of Russia to undermine the West's democracy, the Head of the UK Security Service (M15) Andrew Parker said today, May 14th in Berlin.

"European intelligence cooperation today is simply unrecognisable to what it looked like five years ago ... In today’s uncertain world, we need that shared strength more than ever," he said.

Parker stressed that Russia was trying to commit "aggressive and pernicious actions" with the help of military and intelligence services.

He accused the Russian Federation "flagrant breaches of international rules", the proof of which is the poisoning of the ex-spy Sergey Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury. This, according to Parker, can turn Russia into an "isolated pariah".

“The West should shine a light through the fog of lies, half-truths and obfuscation that pours out of Russia’s propaganda machine.”

QHA reported that the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the EU has expanded the list of sanctions against Russian citizens who are involved in organizing unlawful elections of the Russian president in the occupied Crimea.

Source: Reuters