The Bulgarian national bTV channel sent a letter of apology for the incident with publication of the Ukrainian map without the Crimean peninsula to the Ukrainian Ambassador in Bulgaria, the Ukrainian Embassy in Bulgaria reported in Facebook, citing Ambassador Nikolai Baltazhy:

“Finally we received a written apology from the leadership of the national bTV television for placing a map of Ukraine without the Crimea. Encroachments on the territorial integrity of Ukraine are doomed to failure!”

Reportedly, the Bulgarian bTV channel showed a map of Ukraine without the Crimea in “This morning” show on July 7. On the same day the Ukrainian Ambassador to Bulgaria Nikolai Baltazhy expressed his strong protest and demanded an official apology from the channel.

This is not the first incident in Bulgaria. Bulgarian national television identified Crimea as a part of Russia in one of the videos on January 25, 2016. After the intervention of the Ukrainian Embassy the TV channel reported about technical error allegedly had been made.

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