According to RIA Novosti agency, the aviation of occupants of the Black Sea Fleet will be able to use the airfield in the Chersonese for UAVs (unmanned aircraft systems) and helicopters in a year.

“The military camp is being built on the Cape Chersonese in Sevastopol. The works are designed for several years and involve the creation of a full-fledged airport infrastructure,” the news agency reports.

Shortly before, Alexander Vitko, Black Sea Fleet Commander Admiral, preferred not to dwell on the future of the airfield, stating that "this question is not for public discussion." At the same time, large-scale construction works are being carried on the Cape Chersonese: the area is fenced, special construction machines are operating.

“There is no sense in basing of jet fighters and attack planes on the Chersonese – we have the Belbek airbase.  Priority will be given to helicopters and UAVs. Residential buildings and other infrastructure for the full operation of the airfield will be built there,” according to a source.

Ukrainian media have already informed that Russian occupation authorities intend to carry out the reserve land zoning, dividing it into preserved and forest protection areas. The city officials also wanted to determine the areas that can be used for the construction of hotels and roads.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent a note of protest in October last year, calling on the Russian Federation to respect the rules of international law.

Photo: Internet