The children's camp "Artek" in Crimea, which was considered to be an international one prior to the occupation of the peninsula, now looks like a militarized cult, wrote a blogger "Angry Odessa citizen."

The author notes that children are being turned into "Putin’s deck boys", dressed in camouflage and showed weapons.

The camp gathered more than three thousand children, ostensibly to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attack in Beslan. The event was decided to be held one week after the date of the tragedy.

As a symbol of the solidarity in the "fight against international terrorism," the special purpose center showed children "military-patriotic exercises" on a big screen, as well as alive on the waterfront.

  In general, what is "Artek" turned into being under the occupation? In my opinion, as well as all Russia, it is being turned into a militarized cult. Moreover, this "Children's Center" constantly finds ways to habituate children to uniform, camouflage, military outlook. Prior to this they worshipped all summer long the "Victory Day" and wore soldiers’ blouses like fetish icons. Now they initiate "fight against terrorism" ... I feel sorry for children, wrote the blogger.

Following the demonstrations, the children were shown weapons, used by Special Forces of the Russian Federation.