On the air of ZIK TV channel, the released prisoner of the Kremlin, Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Akhtem Chiygoz said that the Crimea will return to Ukraine when every Ukrainian will be ready to give his life for it, like for the Donbas now.

“When I was in jail, I saw the changes that were taking place in Ukraine. From there, we assessed these changes not by per capita income, but by the level of patriotism and commitment of Ukrainians, who today defend their territory in the Donbas at the cost of their own blood - this was the level of assessment for us.”

Akhtem Chiygoz reminded that the Mejlis warned the Ukrainian authorities long before 2014 that the creation of the "Cossacks" is not just separatism, not just the pro-Russian forces, but the emergence of specific disguised bandits. However, the government of Ukraine did not pay attention to this, as well as the appointment of people in the power of the AR Crimea without pro-Ukrainian position.

“Until November 26, 2013, all the pro-Russian processes in the Crimea have already begun to intensify. Russia meanly took advantage of the lack of concentrated power in Kyiv, when it was not possible to manage the army, the Security Service, the police. And we saw that in the Crimea the Ukrainian military bases where the commanders had already at that time surrendered their units," Chyigoz recalled. “But even on February 26-27, we thought that politically we would be able to stop the decision of the parliamentary gang, which sought to take a decision on the divestment of the Crimea.”

Also, the former prisoner of the Kremlin remembered a conversation during his confinement together with the FSB colonel from Moscow.”

“He asked what Russia did wrong - and I said: "We have a very good historical memory - staying under patronage of Russia has never brought anything good to the Crimean Tatars." And when he spoke about the betrayal of Ukrainian soldiers - he said that he talked with the officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Crimea, asked why they had betrayed their oath. And they answered: "Well, the general had left - and we followed him." I asked the FSB colonel: "And who did you swear allegiance to - the general, or the Motherland?".

This is the fault of our structures - when they took an oath to the Motherland - they did not perceive it as their Motherland, they were "situationalists". Therefore, we will return the Crimea when we become real citizens of Ukraine,"  Akhtem Chiygoz said.

QHA reported that the deputy chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Akhtem Chiygoz, is confident that non-violent methods of struggle are annoying the Russian Federation, since it began to destroy even more people who adhere to them.

Source: ZIK