Information is coming in from occupied Crimea that some prominent collaborators of the occupation authorities, including Remzi Ilyasov, Vice Speaker of the Crimean Parliament and Mikhail Sheremet, First Vice Speaker of the Crimean government, will be eliminated by the Russian security services, writes Refat Chubarov, Mejlis Chairman, on his Facebook page.

“According to the information we have, Remzi Ilyasov will be eliminated because he is to be replaced with a more pro-active and cynical collaborator from amongst Crimean Tatars… As far as Mikhail Sheremet is concerned, they will be killing two birds with one stone: a key participant, accomplice and eyewitness to the crimes committed by Russian security services jointly with the so-called Self-Defense (paramilitary formations) in the first weeks of Russian occupation of Crimea (including a murder of Reshat Ametov), as well as one of Aksyonov’s most informed and loyal henchmen, will be eliminated,” wrote Chubarov.

According to Chubarov, it will all be done ‘in the best traditions of the KGB-FSS when people known for their negative attitude towards occupation of Crimea and having nothing to do with the crime will be accused of it’.

“A fringe benefit of this special operation will be that they will be turning a Crimean Tatar and Russian killed by the khunta’s assassins into martyrs, thus creating another occupation-era myth.  I anticipate the controversy and mixed reaction this information might cause… But what I do know is that the stated persons will take all kinds of security measures to avoid being slaughtered like sacrificial lambs,” wrote Mejlis Chairman.

Chubarov concludes by saying that releasing this information will help disrupt a plan aimed at staging a large scale provocation in Crimea involving dozens of innocent people.