The international community must not only declare Russia an aggressor country, but also to create all the conditions for it to become an outcast in the world, the Ukrainian  MP, Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov said during a rally in support of lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, illegally arrested in Crimea.

“Against the background of talks, that it is time to cease hostilities, Russia continues to defiantly show the world its indifference not only to the calls of the West, but to all the principles of peaceful coexistence. We must concentrate all our actions and efforts not just to declare Russia a pariah, but actually to create the conditions for Russia to become a pariah,” Chubarov said.

The politician said that the world is silently watching the Russian military bomb the Ukrainian cities, kill residents or leave them without any livelihood. He stressed that Ukraine itself should make certain steps to encourage its allies for a more active behavior.

People's Deputy also urged to immediately convene an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada to discuss the problem of escalating the Russian aggression and decide on its deterrence by all possible means.

“We need to consider the whole scope of relations with the Russian Federation down to the point to end the relationship with it in all spheres. We must declare and implement additional measures to mobilize our capabilities to deter the enemy and prevent any opportunity of Russia to expand its aggression.

We should express our willingness to return to our land not just verbally. We need practical actions to prepare for it: Deploy additional military units on the border with Crimea, strengthen the defense in the East, reformat some areas of the Ukrainian economy, strengthen the defensive capability,” Refat Chubarov said.

January 31 at the Independence Square in Kyiv, the rally has held in support of lawyer Emil Kurbedinov who was illegally detained by the Russian Federation security services in the occupied Crimea and wrongly accused of Nazi propaganda and extremist symbols and arrested for 10 days under illegitimate decision of the court.