The Sevastopol branch of Communist Party announced the event to mark Stalin's birthday at the occupied city of Balaklava on December 24.

Sevastopol communists believe that Stalin made an "invaluable contribution to the rebuilding of the city after World War II." Already, local communists are telling not numerous Komsomol members and the pioneers of the "value of Stalinist reforms in the USSR" and the "effectiveness of the Stalinist style of governance."

The organizers note that the program of activities includes, for example, the performance of songs about the communist leader by the local bard.

According to QHA sources in Crimea, the leaflets devoted to the 80th anniversary of the USSR Constitution were handing out on the streets of the occupied Simferopol. Provocative questions under the portrait of a totalitarian dictator Stalin called on Crimeans to think about how they live under capitalism.

Photo: Internet