The Ukrainian authorities have preliminary agreed not to publish laws, adopted by the Parliament on January 16, 2014, these laws are not in effect yet. This was said by deputy of opposition party “Batkivshchina” Andrey Pavlovskiy. According to him, the opposition will participate in talks with the President Viktor Yanukovych only in case of abolishment of these laws. “The pre-condition to start negotiations is the abolishment of the laws about censorship and persecution. The authorities preliminary have agreed not to publish laws, which means they are not in effect yet. Then we will annul these laws in the Parliament,” said Pavlovskiy. To recall, on Sunday, after meeting President Viktor Yanukovych, Klitschko said that President promised on January 20 to create a committee of representatives of the Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and opposition, who would jointly try to resolve crisis in the country. As reported, on January 16, 2014, Ukrainian Parliament passed several controversial bills in a matter of minutes by a simple show of hands. Some of them are: A ban on the unauthorised installation of tents, stages or amplifiers in public places. Provision to arrest protesters wearing masks or helmets. A ban on protests involving more than five vehicles in convoy. Hefty fines or jail for breaches of law. The President signed the bills on January 17. A number of experts and public and human rights organizations have said these laws demonstrate regress in human rights in Ukraine and destruct democracy. The adopted laws have not yet been published officially, therefore are not yet in effect.