The liberation of the Crimea from Russian occupiers can be facilitated by the strengthening of Ukraine's economic and political positions, Oleh Berezyuk a People`s Deputy from the party Association "Samopomich" made a corresponding statement to a QHA correspondent.  

“Only strong Ukraine can liberate the Crimea: economically, politically, militarily and socially, with a strong diplomatic service. Today, the Crimea is treacherously captured by the enemy, and enemies usually do not free the territory on their own initiative," he said.

Berezyuk believes that, if Ukraine succeeds, Crimeans can do what Germans from the GDR did in their time.

“This will be either liberation from our side, but it requires a lot of resources, or the Crimeans will eventually come as East Germans who, after seeing the qualitative development of the Federal Republic of Germany, decided to come to them themselves 50 years later. In the first and second cases, hard work was done to build a qualitative legal, institutional, economic state and, unconditionally, a state that respects its citizen. The qualitative development and respect for human rights on the territory of Ukraine and the reporting this information to the peninsula is our most important task today,” the People's Deputy believes.  

Earlier, the People's Deputy from the BPP Mustafa Nayem said that the adoption of the law On the establishment of the free economic zone “Crimea" is the most unfortunate decision of the Ukrainian Parliament concerning the occupied peninsula.