Russia believes that the Crimean ‘authorities’ are tired of the scandalous pseudo-Prosecutor of occupied Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya, a Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky told in an interview with Echo of Moscow.

- Poklonskaya is a close friend of Sergei Aksenov (a Crimea’s ringleader). And sometimes personal issues can be more important than political ones in a human life.... He just seems to want to send her to Moscow as he has got tired of her, said Belkovsky.

The political analyst went on saying it is very probable Poklonskaya will enter the State Duma, and if so she will vacate the position of the "Crimean Prosecutor".

- I spoke with many regional Russian politicians and many times I heard them whining, "We can rule on whatever we want in our regions, but it is impossible to live in our regions: since we have no infrastructure we had better move to Moscow even if holding some lower positions, just to get out of the province, said Belkovsky.

As QHA reported earlier, Natalia Poklonskaya has been put on a list of candidates with United Russia Party to enter the Lower House in 2016.

Photo: Internet