The Deputy Head of the so-called Ministry of Industry of Crimea Yan Latyshev stated that, due to the launch of freight traffic on the Kerch bridge, prices for non-food products are expected to decline.

“The beginning of freight traffic across the bridge is, of course, simplifying logistics, simplifying and cheapening the delivery of goods, plus increasing market competition among suppliers, which will certainly affect prices in a positive direction. First of all, it should concern non-food products,” he said.

Latyshev further noted that the price reduction will be gradual.
Earlier, the head of the puppet government of the peninsula Sergey Aksenyov said that the opening of traffic for trucks on the Kerch bridge will not lead to a drop in prices in the occupied Crimea. Aksenyov suggested that changes in pricing policy are possible only after the opening of railway connection across the bridge.

Previously, October 1, freight traffic was launched on the Kerch bridge. After this, the work of the Kerch ferry service was suspended.

Source: RIA Novosti Krym