Crimean Parliament adopted a decree on holding Ukrainian referendum on Ukraine’s government.

There are several points in the decree, one of them is providing financial assistance to families of those policemen, who were killed in Kyiv clashes

76 out of 85 deputies voted for the decree.

As reported earlier MP of Crimea Vladimir Klychnikov made suggestions to amend constitutions of Ukraine and Crimea and conduct an all-Crimean poll on the status of Crimea.

Klychnikov also suggested to appeal to the President and the legislative assembly of the Russian Federation to be the guarantors of inviolability of the status of Crimean autonomy and rights and freedoms of Crimean residents.

Although it is illegal to openly advocate separatism in Ukraine, many pro-Russian organizations are calling for "bolstering Crimea's autonomy" in the event President Viktor Yanukovych strikes some compromise agreement with what they call the "fascist" opposition.