Andrei Lugin, forcibly kept by the Russian Federation after the occupation of Crimea in 2014, wrote an open letter to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the UN, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), human rights defenders and journalists, the text of which is at the disposal of QHA.

"I and many other citizens of Ukraine are still forcibly kept on the territory of the Russian Federation and "recognized the citizens of Russia”, which creates artificial and formal obstacles to the return of Ukrainian citizens to their country," he wrote.

Lugin further explained that the Russian Federation hinders his return to Ukraine, despite the agreements on the transfer of citizens signed between the Russian and Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioners.

“In connection with all the above mentioned, I appeal to the world community on my own behalf and on behalf of many other Crimean citizens and citizens of Ukraine who are also fighting for their sovereign rights - the right to choose which state I want to be a citizen of, and request to indicate at the highest level the total illegality of the actions by the RF authorities in unilateral recognizing any foreign citizens as "citizens of the Russian Federation". Without a corresponding written "declaration" of the desire to acquire this citizenship and the issued "passport" the citizenship of the Russian Federation is out of the question!” the letter says.

Lugin noted that this appeal concerns not only in his interests, but the interests of other residents of the Crimea as well.

“In connection with the long-lasting violation of human rights (from 2014), consider the possibility of "prioritizing" collective appeals and making a final decision on the facts of "recognition people as the citizens of the Russian Federation" in the shortest possible time - thus once and for all deprive the Russian Federation of the opportunity to obstruct the return of Ukrainian citizens to Ukraine and restore their sovereign rights, violated by the Russian Federation since March 2014.”

QHA reported that Lugin was operated after he repeatedly tried to commit suicide by cutting his throat as a protest against the transfer to the colony of the Russian Federation. Earlier, the prisoner cut his veins.

Ukrainian citizen Andrei Lugin, who was convicted in Crimea on April 26, cut his veins to protest against his re-transfer to the territory of the Republic of Mordovia (RF) and the lack of proper medical care.

Lugin was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was accused of murder and involvement in the criminal group of the 90s under the leadership of Andrei Laptev.

In 2016, Lugin was transferred from the Crimea to the territory of the Russian Federation subject Mordovia under the order of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation. In March 2017, Lugin was brought from Mordovia to Simferopol to conduct investigative actions and officers promised to leave him in the Crimea as his family resides there as well. However, later he was sent back to Mordovia.