The situation with the electricity shortage in the occupied Crimea worsened due to the cold weather, that is why the "Head" of the peninsula Sergei Aksenov plans to appeal to the Crimean residents with requests for savings every morning and night, he informed during the meeting with the Head of the Crimean power company "Krymenergo" Victor Plakida.

“The deficit in the system today comprises 100 MWt, with the cold weather this situation has worsened ... But the power will be enough in the case we are wise to dispose of it. We will appeal to the people and ask not to turn on some extra devices without the need in the morning and evening hours at maximum load,” the so-called "Primiere" said.

At the same time, the self-proclaimed "Head of the Crimean Parliament" Vladimir Konstantinov said that the occupiers-controlled Crimean "authorities" will no longer cooperate with those "deputies who were engaged in their own affairs" during the energy blockade.

“We must return to this issue to see who these people were, and we will not “go scouting” with them. Certainly we will not deal with them on further political projects, such as the election in 2019. Cooperation with such people is pointless,” Konstantinov said.

Previously, President of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Association of Energy of Ukraine," Vasyl Kolko said that there exists a serious problem with the incompatibility of the Crimean and the Russian Federation power systems. To eliminate it, the Crimean distribution system should be upgraded, which is a costly process.

Photo: Internet