The Russian-occupied Crimea invented the response to Ukrainian lawsuit for the right to use the country's sovereign waters around the peninsula. The Kremlin appointees threatened Ukraine with counter suit according to RIA Novosti.

“Crimea has the right to file a counter-claim and demand reparation from Ukraine for the robbery, which could have been observed on the peninsula over the past two decades. Being under the Kiev "patronage", the Crimean lands and real estates were squandered, all taxes were collected without any further investments in the region infrastructure and economy development,” said Ruslan Balbec, the "Deputy Prime Minister" of the Crimean government.

Balbec said that the Ukrainian demands regarding sovereign rights in the waters is populism, which would not have legal consequences.

August 22, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin said that an international trial against Russia violating the Ukraine’s rights in the waters around the annexed Crimea will begin in the near future.
Previously, the minister said that Ukraine has completed the pre-trial consultations with Russia on the sovereign rights in the waters around the temporarily occupied Crimea. The case deals with a possible gas production in the sea off the peninsula.

Photo: Internet