The self-proclaimed "Head" of the Russian-occupied Crimea Sergei Aksyonov said that Russia should permanently renounce the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, according to the Russian federal business agency Economy Today.
The publication notifies that Aksyonov "does not see any sense in further maintaining relations" with the leadership of the song contest (EBU), since the organizers of the competition "are not able to provide equal conditions for access for all performers."
"Let them boil in their mess and listen to the bearded women," the newspaper quotes the Crimean "Prime Minister".
Earlier, QHA reported that the singer Yulia Samoilova, who was supposed to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest-2017, was officially banned from entering Ukraine for three years by the Security Service due to the fact that in 2015 Yulia Samoilova performed in the city of Kerch (in the occupied Crimea), thereby violating Ukrainian legislation.
During his visit to Latvia, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko noted that the Russian Federation does not need participation in Eurovision, but it needs provocation. That is why Moscow decided to send a singer who visited the occupied Crimea to Kyiv, and that's why it did not agree to arrange the broadcast of her performance.
On April 14, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) officially confirmed that in 2017 Russia will not take part in the Eurovision Song Contest.
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