Representatives of the Russian law enforcement agencies have conducted searches in the homes of two journalists today, April 19, Emile Kurbedinov, a lawyer, posted on his Facebook page.

He connects the detention of the journalists with their active citizenship.

“The houses of Nikolai Semena, Lyumanov Ruslan and Linyara Abibulayeva have been raided today and they were taken out for questioning,” the lawyer wrote.

Previously, the so-called Crimean prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya reported that a criminal case was opened against the journalist of Krym. Realii edition (regional subdivision of Ukrainian Radio Liberty - Ed.) for calls to violate the Russian Federation territorial integrity and extremism.

The correspondent of the Russian NTV TV channel Oleg Kryuchkov wrote on his Facebook page that the search was conducted in the home of Crimean journalist Nikolai Semena, who prior to the occupation of the peninsula was a correspondent for the Ukrainian newspaper Den ("The Day"), the weekly newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli ("The Mirror Weekly ") and Russian newspaper Izvestia. Now he is a pensioner.

Radio Liberty and Krym.Realii do not comment on the situation of detained journalists to ascertain all the circumstances.

It is reported that Linyara Abibulayeva is a photographer for a number of Crimean publications and Ruslan Lyumanov is a Crimean journalist.

The multimedia edition Krym.Realii - a project of Radio Liberty - includes the Internet agency, television and radio programs on the Crimean subject matters. Crimean journalists working for the Krym.Realii, sign their articles under pseudonyms because of the threat of persecution by the Russian special services.

Photo: Internet