Crimean Tatars had to negotiate recognition of their national identity with each newly elected Ukrainian president, said Lenur Islyamov in an interview with

This requires the establishment of a Crimean Tatar autonomy with its own government. The autonomy will be part of Ukraine, stressed Islyamov.

“Crimean Tatars should be able to go to mainland Ukraine and get new passports acknowledging that their bearers live in a Crimean Tatar autonomy within Ukraine. Our people will be really happy. They will feel at home, being master of their own land. The next step will be the establishment of our own Crimean Tatar Army,” Islyamov said.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko previously initiated the establishment of a Crimean Tatar national autonomy. According to Islyamov, by doing so Poroshenko laid the foundation for implementation of this plan.

Islyamov also believes that Russia took advantage of ‘Ukrainians’ benevolent treatment of other nations’ while annexing Crimea. According to him, establishment of a Crimean Tatar autonomy will not let something like this happen again.