Today, 31 May, the Board meeting of the Ukraine’s State Committee considered an issue of state information environment in Kherson region. The speakers reported on the details of the information confrontation with Crimean media resources.

According to the officials, so far the situation is more calm and balanced than it was a year or two ago. The Ukraine’s State Committee explains it by good media work, reported a QHA correspondent.

- Recently, a Crimean Tatar Radio has been launched in the framework of the activities aimed at the improvement of the information space in Kherson region. We provide all possible assistance to them. I think we have good and creative relationships, said Valeriy Dolina, Executive Director of the Ukraine’s National TV Company "Kherson Regional Directorate "Scythia."

Director of the Department on the Internal and Information Policy of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Olga Savenko said that 20 city and regional newspapers, as well as 74 television and radio companies are working in Kherson region:

-  20 city and regional newspapers, as well as 74 national and local broadcasters are constantly working in Kherson region. We create space bridges with various cities such as Poltava, Nikolaev, and discuss various issues: economic, social, political. The Scythia TV Channel has launched a TV series "Heroes do not die" – it is the story about each victim, meetings with families, memories.

As QHA reported earlier, a member of the Ukraine’s National Television and Radio Council, Sergey Kostinsky claimed that the works on the development of broadcasting strategy in Crimea and Kherson region, and practical work in this direction are carried out simultaneously.

According to him, they have thought out how to organize FM broadcasting from Kherson region to Crimea, as well as how to impose sanctions against licensees of Roskomnadzor (The Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media), which use Ukrainian radio frequencies for broadcasting on the peninsula.

Photo: QHA