The Kiev District Court of Simferopol has extended the detention term of Refat Alimov and his cellmate Arsen Dzhepparov for three months, Head of the Kurultai CEC Zair Smedlyaev reported on Facebook.

- The detention term of Refat Alimov has also been extended until September, 8, wrote Zair Smedlyaev.

April, 18 the Security Forces executed a search warrant in the village of Krasnokamenka (Big Yalta) and detained Crimean Tatars Refat Aliev and Arsen Dzhepparov. The so-called Crimean Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya claimed the young people were detained on the charges of alleged involvement in the "Hizb ut-Tahrir" organization banned in Russia.

As QHA reported earlier, the Crimean Tatars were arrested for two months by the decision of the Kiev District Court of Simferopol.

Photo: Internet