Fethi Kurtiy Şahin, the Crimean Tatar scholar and former Chairman of the Youth Commission with the Cultural and Mutual Assistance Association of Crimean Tatars in Turkey, was awarded the Thesis of the Year award by the Research and Education Foundation of Middle East Technical University.

This prize is presented for the work being completed in the previous academic year, at any faculty of the University. Experts recommend the best theses, which are awarded by the decision of the jury of the Foundation.

Fethi Kurtiy Şahin has been teaching graduate students since October 2016 and continues to work as a junior researcher at the Department of Eurasian Studies of the Institute of Social Sciences at Middle East Technical University. The prize was awarded for his master's thesis, titled "The Impact of the Crimean Tatar nation and EuroMaidan on the formation of the Ukrainian nation: Changes after the events of 2014," which was prepared under the leadership of the Turkish professor Ayşegül Aydıngün.

Since January 12, 1981, the Foundation has been awarding scientists and researchers from the Turkish universities.

QHA agency team wishes good luck to Mr. Şahin in his further research and teaching!