Crimean Tatars created a unique civilization, so they should be to given the right to autonomy, religious scholar Ihor Kozlovsky said in an interview with QHA.

“I do not understand why the issue was not solved. When the Crimea had not yet been annexed, then the Crimean Tatar people should have been given autonomy, because this is the indigenous ethnos that created the Crimean civilization. And it's very bad that the Ukrainians are not aware of this," he said.

According to him, the history book of Ukraine should be supplemented with a section on the Crimea.

“If we write a history textbook of Ukraine, then this textbook must include a special section concerning the history of the Crimea, not of the Russian Crimea, but of the authentic Crimean Tatar. The Crimean Tatars created something unique ... In the 17th century, the population of Ukraine and the Crimean Khanate were ones of the most educated in the world," the scholar said.

He furtger noted that "it is necessary to work with Crimean Tatars, to give them the opportunity to create self-government bodies".

Reference:  On January 26, 2016 in occupied Donetsk, terrorists of the "DPR" seized a religious scholar Ihor Kozlovsky. The announced reason for the arrest of the scholar was "the attempt to blow up the monument to Lenin in Donetsk".

Subsequently, it was reported that the scholar "admitted his guilt" in all the bizarre accusations of terrorists, because he was tortured.

In the so-called "DPR" Kozlovsky was accused of allegedly storing two grenades in a cabinet with religious books.