Scheduled to go on from May 9 to May 11, the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues got underway in New York.

Eskender Bariev, the UN Committee’s Chief Coordinator for Protection of Crimean Tatars’ Rights, participated in a caucus of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Eskender Bariev wrote on his Facebook page.

The forum’s agenda, major problems faced by indigenous people and issues to be addressed at the forum were discussed at the caucus meeting.

According to Bariyev, he took the floor while the ‘Sustainable Development and Housing’ subject was under discussion. In his speech Bariev outlined important conditions to be met for the Crimean Tatars’ sustainable development:

 1. Governments should neither prohibit nor prevent establishment, operation and development of self-organizing bodies of indigenous peoples.

 2. Indigenous peoples must be adequately represented in governments in order to make decisions in the interests of indigenous peoples.

 3. Land and natural resources may be used by governments or commercial organizations only after securing consent of indigenous peoples.

 4. Business entities that use land and natural resources of indigenous peoples are to pay a compensation for the development of indigenous peoples.

 5. Governments are to provide education opportunities for indigenous peoples.

 6. Governments are to create conditions for providing medical services to indigenous peoples, as well as create conditions for increasing birth rate, improving maternal health and reducing child mortality.

 7. Governments are to promote development of businesses necessary for the survival of indigenous peoples.

Bariyev also announced a planned side event dedicated to Crimean Tatars, which will be held in conference hall #7 at 1.15 p.m. on May 10.