The water supply problem is not resolved in the region and is further exacerbated, according to Michael Romashchenko, the Director of the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences.

The scientist considered the possibility of relocation of residents of Crimea within the region: from one area of the peninsula to another. According to him, following the relocation, the problem with the water supply will surface in places where Crimeans move to. Therefore, the only way out is to carry them to the Russian mainland.

Romashchenko drew attention to agriculture, which fell into decline in Crimea due to the same water problems. He mentioned rice as an example.

“In all areas where rice cultivation was developed, the soil was washed. Today there is a problem of soil resalting. Therefore, people cannot be engaged in agricultural production, not only because water will not be available, but also because the natural processes in these conditions will go in a completely different direction and the previously fertile soil will rapidly undergo degradation; salinization will make agriculture almost impossible, even if there will be precipitation,” the scientist predicts.

Photo: Internet