Head of SUE Security Department of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, curator of the security of the Kerch bridge that is built by the occupation authorities between Russia and the annexed peninsula Igor Sherstnikov resigned on May 21.

Igor Sherstnikov left the post at his own request.

As of today, the new head of the Ministry of Transport has not been appointed. Sherstnikov's duties will be performed by his deputies. Sherstnikov himself does not comment on his resignation.

Previously, the invaders began selling tours to the Kerch bridge in the Russia-annexed Crimea. The first tour was planned for June 2 from Sevastopol. The cost of such a tour is about 4.5 thousand rubles per person (about 73 USD).

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin solemnly opened the Kerch bridge. Later, Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said that Canada condemns the opening of the bridge across the Kerch Strait between the occupied Crimea and Russia. She noted that the Kerch bridge violates the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The opening of the Kerch bridge was also condemned by NATO, the EU, Great Britain, Latvia and Poland.

Source: RBC