With the support of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people and human rights organizations, the Day of the Crimea will be held from 28 to 29 June in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Vice-President of the PACE, People's Deputy of Ukraine Georgy Logvinsky, who organized the event, informed on Facebook.

The Crimea Day will be held before the "fatal" PACE vote. The other day PACE will consider changes in the Assembly Rules that can be followed by resignation of the PACE President Pedro Agramunt, according to Logvinsky.

“The day of the Crimea will be held in PACE exactly before this fatal vote. It happened "by chance". Our "landing party" has already landed in Strasbourg. They are experts for holding round tables and exhibitions, representatives of national minorities, the victims of Russian aggression themselves, about 30 members of the Verkhovna Rada".

More than 400 diplomats, including PACE and European Parliament deputies, ambassadors, European Court of Human Rights judges will take part in the Crimean evening.

Ukrainian delegation will attempt "to bring the atmosphere of the Crimea to PACE or to bring PACE to the Crimea", the Vice-President added. 

“These active initiatives should counter the aggressor and the aggressor's agents. The battle continues”, he concluded.

According to updated QHA information, the side event will be held on Wednesday, 28. And a speech of lawyer Nikolai Polozov, who defends the rights of Crimean Tatars in the occupied Crimea, is planned within the session on Thursday, 29.

Earlier QHA reported that the Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag, which was adopted 100 years ago by the Kurultai (national congress) of the Crimean Tatars, is traditionally celebrated in Ukraine on June 26. On June 30, 1991, this flag was re-adopted as a national flag by the newly convened Kurultay. The Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag is celebrated since 2010.

A lot of events dated to the Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag are held in Kyiv: Car rally, procession, rally, as well as various children's competitions.

The Crimean Tatar National Flag became the inalienable symbol of the unity, intergenerations equity and solidarity, and the centuries-old struggle of the Crimean Tatars for their freedom, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko noted in his congratulatory message.

Embassies of Ukraine around the world launched a patriotic flash mob, raising the Crimean Tatar National Flag along with the Ukrainian National Flag.

On the morning of June 26, on the Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag, two flags – the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar – were raised above the Kyiv office of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People.

PHOTO: Internet