On February 12, a delegation from the Republic of Benin (Africa) arrived to the occupied Crimea.

The mayor of the African city Abomei-Calavi, Georges Bada, said that the delegation had arrived in the occupied peninsula "in order to promote the idea of peace with Africa."

The Director of the Peace Support, Development and Propagation Fund ‘Peacemaker’ Arthur Ksenofontov noted that the occupied Crimea "just seeks to be friends with the African continent and establish communication through culture".

The African delegation will stay in the Russia-occupied peninsula for a week, during which its members will meet with the representatives of the so-called administration of Simferopol and local entrepreneurs, as well as visit the Kremlin-controlled Council of Ministers, the State Council of Crimea and the so-called administration of Yalta.

Earlier, the Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea began a pre-trial investigation on the fact of the order violation by the MPs of the Federal Republic of Germany to enter the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Reference: on Saturday, February 3, the delegation consisting of three MPs from the right-populist party Alternative for Germany arrived in the Russia-occupied Crimea. 

The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnyk said that the visit of the German parlamentaries to the occupied Crimea would entail "very deplorable legal consequences." At the same time, the MPs replied that they "are not concerned about Kyiv's threats to ban them from entering Ukraine, they expect to visit Crimea more than once."

Source: Kryminform