Denmark does not recognize the results of the Russian parliamentary elections in Crimea. Conducting elections in the Russia-annexed peninsula is illegal, Foreign Affairs Minister of Denmark Kristian Jensen told Radio Liberty.

We do not recognize the election results in the territory of illegally annexed Crimea. We are talking about the occupation of the Ukrainian territory, and we find Russia’s statement that elections are "free and fair" unacceptable, said Kristian Jensen.

The Minister did not give a clear answer to the question whether Denmark won’t recognize the results of the elections to the Russia’s State Duma of September 18 at all, taking into account the fact that they are held in the Crimea as well.

We have a question to whether the elections in Russia are in general free and fair. But most importantly - the elections in the Crimea are unacceptable. Crimea is not a part of Russia, Crimea is part of Ukraine ", said Jensen.

Ukraine's leaders urged the international community not to recognize the results of elections to the State Duma on September 18 since the Kremlin intends to hold them on the Ukrainian territory of Crimea.

Parliamentary elections in Russia will be held on a mixed system, therefore, in addition to voting in single-member districts, voters will vote for party lists in the Federal District, which covers whole Russia. Moscow has included the annexed Crimea to the Southern Federal District although the peninsula is an internationally recognized territory of Ukraine.

Photo: Internet