The Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar people will take place in Kyiv on November 12.

The leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev announced the date at a press conference, the QHA correspondent reports.

“The powers of the delegates of Qurultay, who were elected before the occupation in 2013 for a period of 5 years, expire in November. Unfortunately, the regulation on the Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar people does not provide for an emergency situation. Nobody could imagine that Crimea would be occupied and elections of new delegates of the Qurultay would be impossible to hold. Now we think that delegates elected in 2013 need to gather somehow and decide on further forms of existence of representative bodies of the Crimean Tatar people. This means that of the 248 delegates of the Qurultay, at least two thirds are needed to make decisions," Mustafa Dzhemilev said.

According to him, work is under way to ensure that Delegates of Qurultay can leave Crimea.

“When we held the World Congress of Crimean Tatars in August 2015, the occupation authorities did everything to prevent its delegates from leaving Crimea. Some were detained, some were summoned for questioning. In short, the congress was attended by insignificant part of delegates. We do not know how many delegates will be able to leave this time,” Mustafa Dzhemilev said.

Dzhemilev further noted that the meeting is to make decisions on extending the powers of Qurultay delegates and suspending those who collaborated with the occupiers from the membership in the Mejlis.

“If the quorum is not gathered, we will send a decision to the Crimea so that the delegates of the Qurultay could state their attitude towards it. If we have the majority, the decisions will come into force,” the leader of the Crimean Tatar people noted.

According to the current Rules of the Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar people, the Qurultay is a "National Congress, the highest representative body of the Crimean Tatar people" which is convened every five years. Delegates of the Qurultay are elected by the Crimean Tatars and their family members, regardless of nationality, permanently residing on the territory of Ukraine, and Crimean Tatars and their family members - citizens of Ukraine, regardless of their place of residence. Qurultay forms the Mejlis, the highest representative representative body of the Crimean Tatar people, between the sessions of Qurultay.