The Russian embassy in the USA has recognized the facts of stopping vessels in the Sea of Azov heading to the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk, the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation reported.

The embassy also accused Ukraine of "silencing the facts of piracy".

“The State Department, in the person of the official representative H. Nauret, became concerned with legitimate stops for inspections of ships in the Sea of Azov. Stops, not arrests, not detentions. It is noteworthy that none of the "hundreds" of vessels has been named - it is important to understand the policy of double standards. The State Department deliberately avoided this. After all, the facts of Ukrainian piracy are silenced here," reads the statement.

The Russian embassy in the United States, stated that American authorities thus distract attention from “gross violations of human rights”.

“First of all, it is about kidnapping Russian citizens abroad for further trials against them in the USA, accompanied by psychological pressure and previously known indictments.”

Reportedly, Ukraine will build up forces in the Sea of Azov, in particular, will transfer additional maritime infantry, coastal artillery and reinforced shipbuilding to its area. Igor Voronchenko, Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, said that such measures are necessary to protect all the boundaries and peaceful production activities in the Sea of Azov.

Source: UNIAN