On the eve of the presidential elections in the occupied Sevastopol, the employees of the election commissions are massively resigning.

Crimeans complain about low salaries in the region of 10 thousand rubles (about 5 thousand hryvnia) and a huge amount of work. Local politicians from the Communist Party and the "Fair Russia", commenting on the situation, note that because of massive quitting in the Sevastopol local electoral commission had to convene an extraordinary meeting of the "city election commission."

"I was trying to figure out why this happened. I was told that earlier there were some improperly high payments," said the First Secretary of the Sevastopol City Communist Committee Vasily Parkhomenko.

In the Sevastopol "city election commission" the situation is called "planned rotation", and a member of the CEC of the Russian Federation Anton Lopatin notes that the employees' complaints are connected "with an explanation of the procedure for calculating the salary".

In turn, public figures in the Crimea, supporting Putin, say that mass quitting can disrupt elections, because members of election commissions may not be in time to prepare for them.

According to the information available, recently, workers in the occupied Crimea are increasingly talking about poor working conditions. Earlier, employees of "Krymavtotrans" complained of beatings on the part of the directorate.

Source: Kommersan