At today's session of the European Parliament, a nonbinding resolution on the suspension of negotiations on Turkey’s membership in the European Union was approved, according to the AA.

A total of 479 deputies took part in the voting: 23 voted against and 107 abstained.

The document takes into account the situation in the country after a failed coup attempt on July 15, including the introduction of a state of emergency, and calls for a complete halt of negotiations on Turkey's membership in the EU.

The main condition for the resumption of the negotiating process is the abolition of the state of emergency.

Nevertheless, the document focuses on the fact that EU member states and the European Parliament condemned the attempted coup in Turkey and recognize the country's legitimate right to bring to justice all those responsible.

The summit of European Union leaders is to consider the issue of Turkey's participation in the EU in December. Notably, the Members of the European Parliament do not have enough authority to stop or suspend the negotiations with the Republic.

Just a reminder: on November 23, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that whatever decision the European Parliament makes, it will not matter to Turkey. And the issue of the Republic's membership in the European Union can be decided in a referendum.

Photo: Internet