In the south of the Kherson region, evacuation was announced due to air pollution caused by the chemical emissions at the Crimean Titan plant in the occupied Crimea, the press service of the Kherson Regional State Administration reported.

The press service noted that because of the air pollution in the Kherson region the work of schools and kindergartens was suspended. All children are evacuated to health camps.

Earlier, the checkpoints Kalanchak and Chaplinka, located on the administrative border between the occupied Crimea and mainland Ukraine, suspended work due to a dangerous environmental situation. Oleg Slobodyan, the Assistant to the Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, noted that the administrative border can only be crossed through the Chongar checkpoint. It is noted that the inhabitants of the annexed peninsula, who want to leave the Crimea, can cross the administrative border on a simplified procedure.

Reportedly, in the annexed Crimea they believe that acid emissions in the city of Armyansk occurred because of the fact that the evaporation from the acid lake located near the Crimean Titan plant covered an area of 27 kilometers.

Due to chemical emissions children were evacuated from the city of Armyansk.