More than 250 billion rubles have been spent from the Russian budget over three years of the Crimea annexation, expert of “Maidan of Foreign Affairs” Foundation Tatyana Guchakova reported at a conference in Kyiv, as cited by QHA correspondent.

“Russia spent more money only on the maintenance of the Crimea without Sevastopol. The amount will be almost 300 billion with Sebastopol. And it is without taking into account expenses from the federal target program.”

This program includes costs for energy systems, the Kerch road bridge and other infrastructure projects essential for Russia in the Crimea.

Federal bodies that appeared after the occupation, from the Federal Security Service of Russia to the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance were especially costly for invaders. There were also unforeseen costs for off-budget funds, business and state-owned companies related to the blockade, including unplanned purchases of sea-going vessels.

“Foreign ships stopped visiting the Crimea. The task of Ukraine is to make the situation as heavy as possible that will provide to de-occupy Crimea more quickly”, the expert resumed.

Guchakova noted that tourism, which provided up to 25% of the Crimea income before the occupation, has acquired a propaganda function on the peninsula. The contingent of tourists has changed as well.