Bellingcat Experts have proven at least 150 cases of firing the Ukrainian military bases by the RF army artillery units, according to the statement in the report "Putin’s Undeclared War: Summer 2014 – Russian Artillery Strikes against Ukraine" published on December 21.

“We surveyed the area inside Ukraine within 22 km (approximate maximum range of a 122 mm 2A18 howitzer) of the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Donets'k region, and the Luhans'k region border as far as Nyzhnya Vil'khova. Further than this from the Ukrainian-Russian border, we observed that the vast majority of attacks came from within Ukraine rather than pointing to border. However, identified exceptions were retained within the analysis. Inside Russia, the entire area of the Rostov region adjacent to the search area in Ukraine was surveyed. However, given the range restriction of most artillery systems, the focus also rested on the border area. The search for attack sites or firing positions was done manually, primarily using Google Earth, and repeated for the different satellite imagery dates,” reads the statement.

Also Bellingcat team claims that thousands of Russian servicemen received state awards for their participation in military operations on the territory of Ukraine.

The International experts state that such incidents can be interpreted unambiguously: As an open military aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

Earlier, QHA reported that about six in the morning on Sunday, December 18, the pro-Russian militants launched an artillery attack using mortars and cannon artillery. The Ukrainian Armed Forces respected the cessation of hostilities.

The significant pro-Russian forces attempted a turning movement in the area of  Luhanskaya village to hammer out the advanced units of the ATO forces from their positions and change the contact line of the parties.

Ukrainian Armed Forces took the fight, during which seized the initiative, pushed the enemy back and made a counter-attack. The enemy was forced to retreat, leaving the military property and equipment made in Russia.

According to intelligence reports, militants losses amounted to more than 25 people killed and 30 wounded.

Photo: Internet