Law enforcers are setting up additional defense lines at the Chaplinka and Kalanchak checkpoints, the deputy police chief of the Kherson region Ilya Kiva told 112 Ukraine TV channel.

- The second defense line for a peacuful rally is on the way at the Kalanchak checkpoint. Yesterday we managed to agree with the coordination staff to move the rallu from the direct contact line with the enemy on 7 km inland. As of yesterday, we’ve started to arrange an extra defense line to ensure the  protesters' safety. Mobile checkpoints have been brought and set up on all three routes, said Kiva.

According to him, the number of protesters has stepped up.

- Extra defense line for a peaceful rally has been arranged at the Chaplinka checkpoint. The lines will be moved 10 km inland to make it safer for the protesters, said Kiva.

Reminder, Sept. 20 social activists blocked the passage of trucks to the Russia-occupied Crimea, while cars can cross the border without any hindrance. Sept. 22 about a hundred activists left the Chongar to reinforce the peaceful Crimean blockade near the Kalanchak checkpoint.

As reported earlier, Mustafa Dzhemilev said that in addition to the transport Crimean blockade, Majlis plans to insist on the abolition of the Ukraine-Russia agreements on the electricty supply to the Russia-occupied Donbas and Crimea.