During the rally outside the Supreme Council of Crimea building on February 26, 2014, the first provocations began from outside the pro-Russian meeting.

This conclusion was made by lawyer Nikolai Polozov on the basis of the photographs, being considered today at the hearing of the Ahtem Chiygoz case.

“We have seen that at the same time Sergei Aksenov and his bodyguards were in the courtyard. The first provocation began near Aksenov, which then turned into a fight. Participants of the pro-Russian rally kicked their opponents in the face, which can be clearly seen in the photographs.

Ahtem Chiygoz noted that during the presentation of evidence the prosecutor behaved extremely biased and deliberately ignored the actions of the pro-Russian rally participants, indicating the location of the pro-Ukrainian rally participants,” said Nikolai Polozov in a video on the progress of the trial.

According to the lawyer, Zaur Smirnov was seen in the photos, providing organizational and administrative functions with a loudspeaker.

During the 56th hearing of the Ahtem Chiygoz case a new potential witness for the defense was discovered. When revising the photographs submitted by the prosecution, the lawyer Nikolai Polozov recognized the famous Russian photographer and winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize Sergey Ponomarev among the participants of the February 26 rally.

The lawyer expressed hope that Ponomarev will agree to act as a defense witness and allow to introduce his photographs as evidence in the case.

Photo: Internet