(QHA) -

Fines, that Crimean Tatars are to pay over May 3 peaceful action, when thousands came to Ukrainian- Crimean border to meet Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev, may be doubled.

Total sum of the fines that activists are to pay is 850,000 rubles, still according to Russian legislation, if the 2 month deadline is not met, the fine is doubled.

According to one of the activists Emil Mustafaev (Krasnogvardeiskoe region of Crimea), people managed to collect only 150,000 rubles.

“We have collected 150,000 rubles, 700,000 more is needed. Still the problem is that two-month deadline to pay the fines was not met, so, according to Russian legislation, the sum will be doubled”- Mustafaev said.

Head of Mejlis Secretary Dilyaver Akiev noted that the most difficult situation is in Krasnogvardeiskoe, people of other regions are solving the problems by their own.

Meanwhile, Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev is unwilling for Crimean Tatars to pay the fine.

“I am against paying a coin. Let them [authorities] do what they can, let them seize something. This incidents will be another cases for global community”- he said, adding that all the necessary documents on the issue will be submitted to European Court for Human Rights.