Finland decided to temporarily resume control at the borders with other European Union countries because of the meeting between US and Russian Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the press service of the Government of Finland reported.

“Finland will restore temporary border control on its internal borders of the EU in order to support security measures for the meeting of US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The internal border control will start on Friday, July 13 at 12.00 and finish on Tuesday, July 17 at 12.00,” reads the message.

Particular attention will be paid to those who arrive in Finland via the airport of Vantaa and the seaports of Helsinki and Turku. The checks will be selective. First of all, they will check the foreigners who caused suspicion of the special services.

“Passengers are not required to carry any additional travel documents when crossing internal borders. The only change is that all passengers should be prepared for possible border control and monitoring of immigration on internal borders.”

Reference: The meeting of the US and Russian Presidents will be held in Helsinki on July 16.

Earlier, Donald Trump said that he had been preparing for his meeting with Vladimir Putin all his life.

Reportedly, the situation in Ukraine might become a key topic of the meeting of the US and Russian Presidents. The meeting is expected to reduce tensions in interstate relations that grew to the scale of the Cold War.