Dmitry Firtash, an oligarch and President of the Ukrainian Employers Federation, believes the current government will most likely fall next spring, RIA Novosti reports.

“The current government is politically bankrupt. The sooner they leave power, the better it will be for the people. If the government does not fall today, it will most likely do so next spring,” Firtash said in an interview with Reuters.

According to Dmitry Firtash, Ukraine is finding itself in ‘a very precarious situation, and that’s putting it mildly’.

“Unless we start doing something to revive the economy in 2016, a series of disastrous events will follow, causing the country to collapse,” said Firtash. 

It was reported in late November that Dmitry Firtash, who had been under investigation by the Austrian police for 18 months, was going to attend a meeting of the Ukrainian Employers’ Federation on December 2. However, he was later reported to have changed his mind.

As reported earlier by QHA, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov ordered that Firtash be detained upon his arrival to Kiev’s Borispol airport.