The Crimean Tatars shared their photos with the Crimean Tatar Flag and  the signature “June 26 is the Day of the Crimean Tatar National Flag" and attached tags # Gökbayrak #TaraqTamga # BayraqKunü # 26Haziran.

In addition to photos against the background of the blue flag with a golden tarak-tamga, users shared old photos and memories from the past, so the flash mob had united many of Crimean Tatars.


You can also share your photo with the Crimean Tatar flag with tags # Gökbayrak #TaraqTamga # BayraqKunü # 26Haziran. And if you tag Namik Kemal Bayar, Mehmet Berk Yaltirik and Sezgin Sezer on these photos in Facebook, your pictures will be added to the corresponding QHA album "Flashmob to the Day of the Crimean Tatar Flag".

PHOTO: Facebook