The court adopted a resolution on confiscation of the vessel, as well as the subject of smuggling worth more than 18 million UAH.

March 15, Malinovsky district court of Odesa considered an administrative protocol on violation of customs regulations by the captain of the vessel Sky Moon and found him guilty of transferring more than 3 thousand tons of technical soda beyond the Ukrainian customs control from the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The court decided to confiscate the subject of smuggling worth almost 18 million 427 000 Hryvnia to the state revenue, as well as to confiscate the vessel, the Tanzanian vessel Sky Moon, used to commit the offense.

Reportedly, the captain of the vessel, as well as one of the founders of the cargo owner company, a citizen of Moldova, are held criminally liable and will be brought to justice at the Ukrainian court. At the moment, the issue is being decided on bringing to justice a representative of the shipowner - a Romanian citizen who organized the commission of this crime.

Notably, the court decided to confiscate the sea vessel for the first time in the history of Ukraine.

Earlier, Turkish vessels were banned from entering the occupied Crimea at the state level, which is a powerful signal of friendship between Ukraine and Turkey.

PHOTO: Internet