“Berlusconi’s in Russia. We’re now flying to Crimea. It will be fun today,” writes Dmitriy Smirnov, a member of the Kremlyn press pool, on his Twitter page.

Dmitriy Peskov, the Russian President’s Press Secretary, confirmed that Putin would meet with Berlusconi whom he regards "a long-time friend of his".

“One should never neglect an opportunity like this to share opinions on the current status and prospects of Russian-Italian relations,” said Peskov.

Earlier on, a delegation of French MPs arrived in Crimea on a 2-day visit on July 23-24, 2015. In the course of the visit, the French lawmakers met with Sergey Aksyonov, Head of the Crimean Government, and Vladimir Konstantinov, Speaker of the State Council of Crimea.

The delegation was mostly made up of the members of the Republicans party headed by Nicola Sarcozy.

Commenting on the visit, Loran Fabius, French Foreign Minister, said he was shocked by the deputies’ statements about their willingness to go to Crimea.

Alexey Makeyev, Director of the Policy and Communications Department of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, said the French lawmakers would have to face the consequences of their visit.

The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine launched a criminal probe against the French MPs.