The occupiers are trying all possible ways to lure the Crimean people to the polls. So, in the Leninsky district of "power" appealed to the people to attend the elections, threatening that otherwise Crimea may be recognized Ukrainian.

While in Armyansk they came up with a "win-win" campaign: everyone who comes to the elections September 18, will take part in a drawing of lottery sponsored by the channel "North Crimea".

“Come to the polls and get a phone for free! The channel "North Crimea" is giving away eight smartphones at the pole station exits. The drawing of lottery will be held on the all-Russian election day September 18 next Sunday, from 8 to 17 hours. Fulfill your civic duty and get lucky!” reads the message.

These ads are posted all over Armyansk, according to Krymiform. The television company has vowed that the lottery is real.
Apparently, the Kremlin-controlled power of the occupied peninsula have decided to use the method of "carrot and stick". First they threatened with dismissal, and now they are offering gifts.

Photo: Internet