The FSB of Russia sent a group to Donetsk to investigate the death of the leader of the terrorist "Donetsk People’s Republic" Aleksandr Zakharchenko, according to the head of the operational information and international relations service of the FSB of the Russian Federation Sergey Beseda.

"Experts are already working there," he said.

He stated that the assassination of Zakharchenko is likely to involve the Ukrainian special services and the responsibility for this rests with Ukraine.

"We believe it's certainly like that," Besed noted.

Reference: on August 31 in Donetsk, after the explosion in a cafe, the head of terrorists "DPR" Aleksandr Zakharchenko died. During the explosion "Minister of Taxes and Income of the DPR" Aleksandr Timofeev was injured as well.

Later it was reported that people were forcibly brought at the funeral of Aleksandr Zakharchenko.

Source: TASS