Russian police in Crimea tried to question Eskender Bariyev’s parents on his whereabouts, wrote Eskender Bariyev, Coordinator of the Committee on Protection of Crimean Tatars’ Rights, in his Facebook account.

“On November 25, 2015, FSS officers arrived at my parents’ place (an apoplectic attack my 82-year old father sustained 14 years ago rendered him speechless and turned him into an invalid; my mother is 77 years old)  to inquire about the whereabouts of their son Eskender Enverovich Bariyev. They were also interested in my sisters and summoned them for questioning,” wrote Bariyev.

Eskender Beriyev is suspected of being linked to the people responsible for blowing up a transmission tower on the Crimean border. However, the activist claims he has nothing to do with what has happened and demands that his family be left alone.

“I urge the FSS officers to quit making everybody believe they are doing their work and stop looking for me. I’m not in hiding. I am always in the public eye. I openly state my position. Leave my family alone because they have nothing to do with either my work or position,” wrote Bariyev.

Eskender Bariyev, a member of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars, left Crimea after its annexation by Russia. Bariyev emphasizes he does not recognize the peninsula’s annexation and believes that all those implicated in these crimes should be punished.