A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Tanju Bilgich slammed recent special issue by the German Der Spiegel titled "The country losing the freedom." The latter relates to the Republic of Turkey.

The Turkish politician regarded this act as the one offending the Turkish Diaspora in Germany and the entire Islamic world as well. He believes it is the European media campaign seeking to discredit Turkey’s image on the world stage.

Bilgich stressed that an offensive attempt to distort the meaning of the Turkish nation’s struggle for democracy in view of the events as of July, 15 is a blatant example of anti-Turkish stance.

The Spokesman for the Diplomatic Corps reiterated that Ankara will continue to protect and uphold the constitutional order, democratic values and the rule of law.

An attempted coup was staged in Turkey on the night July 15 -16. Turkey claimed the rebellion was inspired and organized by Gülen - the head of the terrorist organization FETÖ, who currently lives in Pennsylvania (USA).

Turkey asked the United States to extradite Fetullah Gulen and presented a dossier of evidence proving FETÖ’s involvement in attempted coup.

Photo: Internet